20 March 2008

who's who?

I've been enjoying all the comments about how Arden looks like Nicky (or like Rowen, or like Max, depending on who's commenting), so I thought I'd post pictures of all four kids at about the same age (approximately 3 months) and see if everyone knows which child is which. ;) (No fair clicking on the pictures and seeing the caption!)


Chiloe said...


We got a winner here !!! lol

Nicky didn't really changed: it's amazing but what is sure; they are ALL very cute ;)

Kendra said...

I had them (top to bottom) Max, Arden, Nicky, Rowen, too...there are some sibling similarities, but their baby pictures very much resemble their current "versions"...especially Arden's...LOL!

Rowen was the easiest to pick out. Her face hasn't changed much at all!

Sharon said...

Hmm, I guessed right too! Of course in these pictures Arden looks most like Rowen to me. I am with Chiloe-Nicky seems to be exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Max,Arden,Nicky,Rowen... I don't see any captions, but since others have the same answer I'll assume I got it right LOL

I wonder, though... do any look just like YOU when you were that age? 18 mo. old pictures of my daughter and I look like we are twins!

Von said...

Yay! I got it right, too. :D

Nicky has that impish light in his baby eyes that we so often see in your blog.

My grandchildren were over this evening to celebrate Melanie's birthday and little Ilse grinned and cooed at me - ahh the bliss!! :)

Jane said...

Happy Easter Barbara!

Margaret said...

From top to bottom (without looking at what others have written).

Have a great weekend.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I guessed right too. There is no mistaking Nicky. They are all so cute.

Anonymous said...

Max, Arden, Nicky, Rowen

And I didn't check other's answers too!

They are all too cute!